PZC Approves Dog Park Application

The Planning and Zoning Commission acted last week to approve a dog park on Westside Drive. Residents had presented hours of testimony and submitted 66 letters both supporting and objecting to the controversial park.

The Planning and Zoning Commission was guided by its regulations, which allow special permits for passive recreation facilities, according to PZC Chairman Thomas Fahsbender. 

“We attempted to balance the interests of the applicants and the concerns of neighbors,” he said, explaining that conditions were imposed. Interested persons can view the documents at Town Hall and on this site. Among the conditions were increased setbacks around the park and restrictions on signage to reduce its visual impact. Hours of operation were set for 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Discussion lasted more than two hours before the commission was content that it had devised conditions that “were appropriate and fair.”

“We took it very seriously,” Fahsbender said. “We had to make our best judgment. I feel the commission did a good job in taking everything into consideration.”

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