Town Notices

Region 7 Announces Student Records Disposal

In keeping with state and federal regulations on records retention and disposal, school officials plan to destroy the records of special education and 504 students who left or graduated from Regional School District No. 7 schools on or before June 30. 2017, or who were born before July 1, 1999.

As these records may be needed for Social Security benefits or other purposes, anyone wishing to review his/her records or obtain the original, may do so by calling Quentin Reueckert, director of Shared Services, at 860-379-8583 before June 4, 2024.

To view the Legal Notice click here.

Solar Salesman Has Permit to Solicit Business

 First Selectman Matt Riiska approved a Solicitor’s Permit (2/28/24 – 4/28/24) for Carson Kowalski from Trinity Solar to solicit door-to-door per Town Code 103:1-2. The most prominent product offered is a power purchase agreement for homeowners to supplement their current utility bills by using solar energy produced on their home.

Although the Town is not endorsing the product(s), Mr. Kowalski has been vetted through the Selectmen’s Office.  Those with questions can call 860-542-5829.

Northwestern Regional School District No. 7 Proposed 2024-2025 Budget

The Northwestern Regional School District No. 7 has published the proposed budget for the 2024-2025 school year. See attached Superintendent’s Revised Budget here. See Superintendent’s Budget Presentation here.

Notice of Extension for Opening of Public Hearing

The Zoning Board of Appeals has received an application for an appeal of a zoning regulation submitted by David Torrey on a decision made by the Land Use Officer regarding a property at 524 Winchester Road owned by Luis Medina. The Hearing will be held upstairs at the Town Hall and was scheduled to open on April 4, 2024 but has been extended to April 25, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. See application here.

911 Reflective House Numbers

Get a reflective house number for free! Courtesy of a recent grant, the NVFD will provide any Norfolk resident with a blue number sign to make it easier for them to find you in an emergency. Call, email or text Sandy Evans (860-866-7923/ with your name and street address. There is no cost for this service.

Construction Alert

Everyone, please be aware of all the construction work taking place on Maple Avenue. Pedestrians and dog walkers are especially asked not to go through the remediation area. For your own safety and the safety of the workers please give them the space to work.

Fire Department Offers Info on Knox Boxes

The Norfolk Fire Department is offering information on the Knox Box, a device that offers an additional level of security for those with older parents who are not perfectly mobile or persons who live aIone. The Knox Box allows easy access for first responders and tracks who uses the key. Get product specifications and information about cost by emailing or clicking here.

Town Housing Plan

The Town of Norfolk’s 2022-2027 Housing Plan adopted on December 1, 2021 is available to review here.