Norfolk Projects

Savage Frieze

Major projects underway in Norfolk can take several years to complete, and involve multiple organizations and levels of governmental oversight. To highlight these local initiatives, and make it easier for everyone to keep abreast of their progress, we have provided links to sponsors’ web pages that include background information and other public details. Please note that each sponsor—not the Town—is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information we have linked to from this page.

City Meadow
Norfolk Foundation maintains a page summarizing plans for City Meadow and Robertson Plaza.

Gas Spill
Please see the Gas Spill Updates page on this website for information about the November 2022 gasoline spill on Route 44 and its repercussions.

Haystack Woods
The Foundation for Norfolk Living is developing Haystack Woods, a community of 10 affordable homes near the town center.

New Firehouse
The Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department has been considering a plan for building a new firehouse at its 20 Shepard Road site. Click here to see current and conceptual buildings on the NVFD website and here for the Fire House Building Committee’s page, which has additional information.

Norfolk Community Association
The Community Association undertakes many projects for Norfolk’s beautification, including special projects in addition to its ongoing planting and maintenance all around town.