Two Groups Working to Enhance City Meadow

City Meadow is getting plenty of attention these days with two groups working for its preservation and improvement.

A “Friends of City Meadow” group is growing under the leadership of Economic Development Commission Co-Chair Libby Borden and Walter Godlewski. They are coordinating with First Selectman Matt Riiska and will be meeting with him Friday.

The Friends’ goals are to promote use of the meadow as an environmental/horticultural area and as a place to gather for music and other cultural events. This latter goal includes the newly enlarged Robertson Plaza. 

An additional focus is on the physical status of the Meadow. It is possible that work parties will be formed to assist professional horticulturalists or an invasive plant specialist to keep the Meadow functioning as a healthy wetland environment and keep it attractive and inviting. Further, the Friends hope to promote the Meadow with such attractions as a sculpture park, and to put up signage bearing information about the plants found there or about the Meadow’s history. Additional areas for seating would also be considered.

Finally, the Friends would address maintenance of boardwalks and plant restoration and raise funds to underwrite these endeavors.

The second group working for the Meadow consists of a few members of the original City Meadow Committee. Their focus is to establish a master plan for invasive control, plant placement and maintenance, wetlands and water course maintenance and the introduction of new plantings. The master plan will not only be used for Meadow maintenance and development, but will also serve as a guide for meeting the requirements of the Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees the Meadow as a wetlands area. This was a requirement when the Town accepted the funding from the State of Connecticut.

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