Transfer Station Swap Shop Open for Business

The thrill of discovery again awaits residents at the transfer station. This week saw the grand opening of the Swap Shop, which has replaced the former Norfstrom’s container. The new container will act as a recycling point for usable items that the owners no longer want.

Norfstrom’s was removed when the recycling privilege was abused by residents who brought inappropriate items—think toilets—and other bulky waste that they deposited outside the container when it was closed. Rather than providing a way to keep reusable items out of the waste stream, thereby saving tax dollars, it became a nuisance for the transfer station workers.

The idea was revitalized by Norfolk residents Susan Sloan and Kathleen Connolly, who began the effort to buy a new container by redeeming recyclable cans and bottles thrown out at the transfer station. Nickel-by-nickel they built up enough money to buy a container, which they have donated to the town.

Wednesday, they threw open the doors, posted signs and stacked flyers instructing residents how to use the facility. They already had it stocked with many items, such as an artist’s field easel, a hammock, cups and other items retrieved from the transfer station.

The container is not large, so it is most appropriate for dishes, toys, lamps, artwork, small furnishings and the like. 

“We are not accepting large items or medical supplies like walkers or wheelchairs,” said Sloan. “We can’t take flammable or hazardous items and no electronics.” 

Most of all, they do not want junk. “If it is garbage, throw it out,” said Connolly. They advised residents to recycle items appropriate to share with their neighbors. A group of volunteers will seek to maintain the Swap Shop, but if it is again abused, it will be closed down. 

The container will be open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., through the fall. All donations must be left inside the Swap Shop. For questions about donations or help with delivery, call Sloan, 860-542-1671, or Connolly, 860-518-6156.

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