Second Mountain Road Bridge To Be Replaced

First Selectman Matt Riiska has been conferring with the state DOT about upcoming bridge projects. Riiska said work is being slated for 2025 on the second of two Mountain Road bridges, this one over Spaulding Brook just east of the intersection with Westside Road. 

Under a new payment formula, the federal government will pay 80 percent of the cost through its federal bridge program and the state the 20 percent that would formerly have been the town’s portion.

The existing bridge was constructed in 1955 and is a 21-foot-long, two-lane bridge in poor condition, according to a DOT presentation. Average daily traffic flow along the road is only 200 vehicles.

Rehabilitation of the bridge is not an option, according to the DOT. The new bridge would be a clear span rather than culverts and would provide wildlife crossings underneath it.

In addition to the Mountain Road project, the state will replace two South Norfolk bridges swept away in last summer’s flash flood. While the town will be held harmless of any cost for their replacement, the timeline remains with the state.

“There will be a lot going on in 2025,” said Riiska, explaining that he has also been meeting with representatives of Aquarion Water Company and the DOT to talk about replacement of the retaining walls along Route 44 west of the town center. “It is going to be a long project taking years,” he said. 

Sewer, water and power lines will have to be moved during the work. 

One-way traffic will be controlled by lights during the process. Riiska said he had told the DOT that traffic cannot be diverted on to Old Colony or Ashpohtag roads.

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