“Raise the Steeple” Effort Nears Bid Phase

The “Raise the Steeple” committee has announced that the community’s support and generous donations have allowed the steeple restoration project to move forward. More than $575,000 has been raised, some of which has been spent to lower the steeple to the ground for repairs (approximately $100,000) and about $35,000 on the engineering work. In addition to renovating the steeple, the Church of Christ plans to repair the clock face and chimes. The original estimate for repairs and refurbishment of the clock doubled but because of the generous community support, the church is in a good position to complete the work.

Soon architectural and engineering plans will be completed and the project will go out to bid. Once quotes are received, future expenditures will become clearer. Even with uncertain building costs, the Committee is confident that the work will be done with the support of the community.

“We do want to thank all who have contributed so much to this effort. We are lucky to be part of our community that cares so much for our church and its place in Norfolk,” committee members said. “We truly appreciate donations of all sizes. Every donation helps brings us closer to our goal of raising the steeple.”

Click here to visit “steeple campaign” on (norfolkucc.org) to learn more.

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