Norfolk Weather Station Offline

Bad things often come in threes. As if the hot weather were not enough, now the Great Mountain Forest weather station, although still gathering data, has lost its connection to weatherunderground and Norfolk weather aficionados have to rely on stations that may have very different conditions, such as Doolittle, Colebrook, Winsted or even the New Bedford Regional Airport.

“It went offline yesterday at 5:00 p.m. and I’m not sure why,” said Russell Russ, who manages the station. “I’m investigating, but it might take a while. Unfortunately, the station is 15 years old and it might be worn out [and] getting a new one might be complicated.”

Russ is planning to talk with GMF’s fundraising group and hopes he’ll have something back online soon. What’s next?

7/2/24 Editor’s note: The GMF weather station’s connection with has now been restored.


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