Norfolk Projects Warm Up in Summer Weather

Warmer weather has brought a spate of activity to Norfolk. First Selectman Matt Riiska reports that several projects are currently underway with completion of some expected within the summer months.

“They will start to remove the old heating oil tank at Botelle School Monday and get the new one hooked up,” Riiska reported. “We have received approval for loans for Maple Avenue and the school roof and all the paperwork will be wrapped up next week. They are eager to get started on the school roof and we would like to get both the tank and the roof done before school starts again.”

Also at the elementary school, work is supposed to start Monday on the replacement of a broken 70-foot slide. “It was broken after years of exposure and abuse by some people who used it,” he said. “Insurance wouldn’t pay for it and some townspeople asked that ARPA funds be used to replace it. All the components are here.”

Work on refurbishing the tennis courts will start in the near future as well, and Riiska said he hoped people would soon be playing on resurfaced courts.

Only one area is lagging. “I’m still working on getting reimbursement for Mountain Road bridge, and the River Place bridge is on hold because engineering work is being done,” he said. “I’m not happy about that. It is dragging on way too long.”

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