Maple Avenue’s Rough Ride Now in the Past

The prolonged process of restoring Norfolk roads advanced significantly this week. Guerrera Construction returned to town and put the final course of paving on Maple Avenue and the River Place bridge project resumed.

“Maple Avenue is paved,” said First Selectman Matt Riiska. “There are just a few places to touch up—a couple of minor things to adjust—and some landscaping.”

The work, which was scheduled to begin in spring 2023, was delayed while the town completed remediation of contamination caused by the November 2022 gas spill. Riiska had hoped it would be completed by the first week in June this year, but the construction company was pulled away for a job elsewhere.

Riiska said the final step is administrative as he submits the paperwork for state reimbursement.

The River Place bridge project came to a halt in November 2022 when it was discovered that the footings on one headwall were deficient. It is now hoped repairs will be completed in May 2025. “It’s been a long and arduous task,” Riiska said. “Hopefully, it will move along.”

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