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Friday, July 3:  open

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Complete your census forms

Much of the funding we receive from the federal and state governments is based on population and demographics. The main tool to calculate these funds is census data. By completing the census data, you will help the State of Connecticut and the Town of Norfolk receive the funding we deserve and need.

The national response rate for the Census (as of June 7) is 60.7%. In Connecticut, the response rate is 64.5% (13th most responsive state). In Norfolk, the response rate is 46.1% (not good). Click here to see the response rate for area towns and more information about the census.

Hazardous Waste Collection Day

The collection day for hazardous waste is tentatively scheduled for August 22 at Torrington Middle School. Check with the Selectmen’s Office in July for more information (860-542-5829).

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