The Selectmen’s Office suggests that you stay home and stay safe. If you do go trick or treating, please respect those who do not want to hand out candy this year. Click here for a list of alternate activities and safety tips for this Halloween.

At the request of the Town, the Fire Department will be present on Maple Avenue to maintain traffic safety.

CT CARES Small Business Grant Program

A new, $50 million CT CARES Small Business Grant Program offers one-time, $5,000 grants to small businesses and nonprofits to help them recover from the challenges of Covid-19. Funds will be disbursed by the end of this year. For information about eligibility and online applications (available around November 9), click here.

Voter Registration 

Click here to see if you are registered to vote in Connecticut. You can also see if your absentee ballot was received by your town clerk. If it does not say that your absentee ballot was received, contact your town clerk.

To register to vote using the State of Connecticut Online Voter Registration System, click here.

Voting at the Polls

On November 3, the polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm.

Absentee Ballots 

For detailed information about absentee voting, click here.

1. On the ballot, darken the oval corresponding to your choice with a black pen. Do not sign the ballot itself.

2. Place the ballot in the inner envelope. Seal, sign, and date the outside of the inner envelope. Use the same signature as on your application. On election day, the town clerk compares these signatures to ensure they are legitimate. If you don’t sign this inner envelope, your vote won’t be counted.

3. Put the inner envelope in the outer envelope.

4. Drop off the ballot at Town Hall in the secure drop box. You can also mail the ballot – but make sure you leave plenty of time for the ballot to be delivered.

 No Open Burning until Snowfall

Due to extremely dry conditions, the Fire Marshal has banned open burning. Questions can be directed to the Selectmen’s Office at 860-542-5829.