Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting

The annual meeting and election of officers is at Town Hall on Thursday February 6 at 6 pm. Members, residents, and other interested parties are encouraged to attend. Location is ADA accessible.

Deadlines for Change of Political Party

You must apply for a change of political party 90 days before the elections. Presidential preference primaries will be held April 28, 2020 so you need to change party by January 28. For more information, click this notice.

Norfolk Community Bus

The Norfolk Community Bus is now available for Norfolk residents to use for medical appointments, shopping, and other social and personal purposes. People with medical appointments are accommodated first. People who need rides for shopping and other social and personal purposes are accommodated next. Group excursions may also be arranged. For more information, see the Norfolk Community Bus policy.

Transfer Station Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 8:30 am to 3 pm.