Sewer Pipe Relining

Green Mountain Pipeline Services continues to reline the sewer pipes in town. This week, they are working in these locations:

  • Monday: Maple Avenue
  • Tuesday: Mountain Road
  • Wednesday: Hillside Street
  • Thursday: Shepard Road
  • Friday: Mountain Road

Absentee Ballot 

The absentee ballot has three parts: the ballot itself, an inner envelope, an outer envelope.

1. On the ballot, darken the oval corresponding to your choice with a black pen. Felt tips work best. Try to make no other marks. If you make a mistake, put an X through it and write WRONG beside the incorrect choice. Ballot counters will accept and count those ballots manually. Do not sign the ballot itself.

2. Place the ballot in the inner envelope. Seal, sign, and date the outside of the inner envelope. Use the same signature as on your application. The town clerk must check these signatures to ensure they are legitimate. If you don’t sign this inner envelope, your vote won’t be counted.

3. Put the inner envelope in the outer envelope.

4. Drop off the ballot at Town Hall in the secure drop box.


The Presidential Preference Primary in Connecticut is on August 11, 2020. Click here to see more details.