Local Emergency Planning Committee


The Local Emergency Planning Committee has developed an emergency response plan with participation from stakeholders. It reviews the plan at least annually and provides information about chemicals in the community to citizens.

  • Animal Sheltering
  • Richard T. Byrne, Director
  • Brian Hutchins
  • Matthew Riiska
  • Norfolk Lions Club Ambulance, Julia Green
  • Norfolk Lions Club Ambulance, Kitty Hickcox
  • Norfolk Public Works Supervisor, Troy LaMere
  • Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Matthew Ludwig
  • Fire Marshall, Keith Byrne
  • Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department, Keith Byrne
  • State Police
  • Shelter Manager, Edward Hinman
  • Torrington Area Health Department, Tom Stansfield
  • Botelle School Board of Education
  • New England Miniature Ball Co.
  • Frontier Communications

Local Emergency Planning Committee
PO Box 552
Norfolk CT 06058