Mad River Market and You with Phillip Allen, Project Manager

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

A group of people from Winchester and surrounding communities have come together to create the Mad River Market, a food co-op start-up being developed in Winsted to serve the entire Northwest Corner. Come share with us your ideas about what you would like to see in a community-owned grocery store. Help us shape our vision for assuring access to healthy food, supporting local agriculture and businesses, and building community. Find out the latest on our progress, and how you can become part of it all!

To register, visit the Norfolk Foundation website.

Intended audience: If you are interested in healthy food, local economic development, and building community, you and Mad River Market may be a perfect fit! Would you be interested in co-owning a vital community business, sharing equally in its governance, and helping shape how our market will support our shareholders, customers and the larger community? Mad River Market makes all those possible. Come join us building the future!


Phillip Allen is the Project Manager for Mad River Market, and serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors. Active in Town of Winchester affairs, he serves on the Town Economic Development Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, and is a member of the Northwest Hills Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors (part of the Northwest Hills Council of Governments). He serves as Market Manager for the Winsted Farmers Market and is active with Winsted Trails. He is a gardener, a hand weaver, and a perfumer, among other things.

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