How to Pay for College

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Everyone’s talking about the rising cost of college.  If your middle school or high school student plans to attend a four-year college or university, this presentation is for you.

LEARN: The realities of paying for college, and how to do it without bankrupting your retirement.
SEE HOW: Advice you’ve received from your financial advisor or CPA may actually be detrimental to your ability to pay for college.
WHAT NOT TO DO: Find out the steps you can take to avoid shooting yourself in the foot when applying for financial aid.

◾  The most effective way to save and invest for college

◾  Best loans in today’s economy and types you should avoid

◾  How to make the most of the financial aid system

◾  How to negotiate your financial aid package

◾  Resources for scholarships and when to apply

◾  Top myths about who qualifies for financial aid

ABOUT JAMAL FORD-BEY, Financial Advisor

Jamal Ford-Bey, a trusted college planning advisor is passionate about helping families succeed.  Although funding college has become more complex, Jamal and the team at Valark Financial Services simplify the process and help families make the most of their resources.  Since 1992, Valark Financial has specialized in college funding strategies, planning for retirement, and personalized investment portfolios.  High Schools and groups across Connecticut frequently invite the Valark Financial team to speak on smart money moves, and how to fund a college education.

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