December 18, 2012

We all share the sorrow of the tragic event that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.

As school leaders and town officials, we take school security very seriously. We are confident that our school systems have appropriate school safety plans in place and can assure you that they are updated and practiced regularly.

Our school community is fortunate. We have a very strong working relationship among the Regional School District No. 7 Superintendent of Schools, the Winchester Police Department, our local State Troopers and community Fire Departments. Further, each of our four communities’ Superintendents of Schools has reviewed safety plans with their staff and discussed these plans with town safety officials. There is also effective on-going communication among all of our Superintendents of Schools and our First Selectmen.

We assure you that as town leaders, we are committed to our school systems and especially to the well-being of our students. We believe we have the proper plans and procedures in place to make our schools as safe as possible.

As parents, it is difficult to accept what has happened. However, we believe our schools are safe and happy places. With that said, we continue to dedicate ourselves to doing all we can to keep them that way.


Judy Palmer, Superintendent, Regional School District No. 7

Jeff Linton, Superintendent, Barkhamsted

Don Stein, First Selectman, Barkhamsted

Jay Chittum, Superintendent, Colebrook

Tom McKeon, First Selectman, Colebrook

Philip O’Reilly, Superintendent, New Hartford

Dan Jerram, First Selectman, New Hartford

George Counter, Superintendent, Norfolk

Sue Dyer, First Selectman, Norfolk